How to open a stuck bottle of nail polish

How often it has happened that you wanted to use a nail polish colour after many days and it didn't open. No matter how much you try, it just doesn't open. It happens often when you apply nail polish and closing it hurriedly leaving some on the neck of the bottle. Or when you just leave them in a pile without storing the nail polish bottles, leakage can happen closing shut the cap.

If you have such a nail polish and you are planning to throw it away, stop!

I have few exciting tips for you that will help in opening a stuck bottle of nail polish with an ease.

Wrap a rubber band around

Adding another layer of grip can always work in opening stuck nail polish cap. Wrap a rubber band around the bottle cap and try to open it. It should work!

Keep it under running hot water

Keep the cap of the nail polish under hot water or run it through it. It will help in opening the cap easily.

Dip it in acetone upside down

If the bottle is still not opening, you can put it upside down in acetone for few minutes. This should help in loosening the cap by removing any traces of polish around the cap.

You can see rest of the tips in this tutorial and learn how to open a stuck bottle of nail polish!

To avoid it in future, you can follow these tips!

Clean the neck of the bottle before closing

Cleaning the neck of the bottle will help in removing the traces of nail polish from the opening which can cause the cap to stick. You can use a tissue paper or cotton swab dipped in acetone to wipe off the neck properly.

Apply Vaseline on the neck of the bottle

Applying a little vaseline on the neck of the bottle as well as the cap of the nail polish will prevent it from sticking together. It will also provide lubrication making it easier for you to open it.

Store them upright

Don't throw your nail polishes in a pile. Place them properly in an upright position and store them in cool dark places. You can click here to find out the right way to store the nail polish. 

Share your ways to open a stuck nail polish bottle with me in the comments below.

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