Revlon Nail Polish Review | Shades 525, 530, 529, 494, 418, 461

Revlon nail polishes have been an important part of my nail polish collection. It is a trusted brand in India, known for providing great products at a not so high price. Especially their nail polishes are of varied variety, giving every nail polish lover a huge range to choose from. From everyday colours to gorgeous glitters and mattes, they have everything that you wish to have. Let's check out some of my favourite Revlon nail polishes from my collection.

Here are my favourite Revlon nail polishes!

From left to right 525 Hot Matte, 530 Crimson Matte, 529 Marine Matte, 494 Matte Top Coat, 418 Revlon Red, 461 Sea Blue

525 Hot Matte, 530 Crimson Matte, 529 Marine Matte, 494 Matte Top Coat are matte nail polishes with a suede finish. These were probably the very first coloured matte range available in India. The pigmentation is really amazing. You can get a colour in just one coat. I really love the Matte top coat from the collection. It not only helps in sealing the nail polish or design but gives a matte finish without making the polish or design bleed as most of the matte top tops are known for.


Each bottle of Revlon matte nail polish is priced at Rs. 190 for 8ml

The price is really low for the quality and quantity that we get from Revlon matte nail polishes.

Three free

Revlon nail polishes are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. Hence, they are safe for the nails as well!

Another two are 418 Revlon Red, 461 Sea Blue

Revlon Red is a very pretty basic red colour. Whenever I'm confused about which nail polish to wear, this is my go-to answer. You can wear it on any occasion and it will make your nails look pretty.

Revlon Sea Blue is a metallic sea blue colour. It is very vibrant and striking. I love wearing it on my accent nail or as a base for crackle nail polish.

These two are Formaldehyde and toluene free, chip resistant for up to 6 days. So if you are looking for everyday nail polish brands, Revlon is a must try for you. Pigmentation is also quite good for these two as well. You will not need a top coat for finishing.


The price is Rs. 190 for 8ml. `

Which Revlon nail polishes do you have?

Tell me about them and your experience with the brand in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!