5 Signs That He Is Crazy For You

Despite what many girls think, figuring out whether a guy likes you or not is pretty easy. Well, it’s easy if there are no emotions, nerves, and insecurities involved. There’s a reason why others notice if a guy’s into you before you do. Your judgement is pretty clouded here. Nevertheless, there are some obvious signs.

Just by looking for these signs, you can easily tell if he is actually interested in you or not. Go ahead and look for these signs... 

He Initiates Interactions

If a guy likes you, he’s gonna want to talk to you. If he frequently initiates conversation with you, seeks your opinion often when you’re in mixed company, and tries to keep you engaged, he’s into you.

He Pays Attention

You might not know it, but if a guy likes you, he pays a lot of attention. He’ll be listening to what you say, noting the details and keeping it in mind. If he recalls some titbit you said a long time ago in a conversation, it can very well mean he likes you.

Acts Differently around You

When guys are around women they like, they’re different. Some guys are hesitant, nervous and fidgety. They might behave better, try to avoid crass language or bad habits. They generally dress better, look sharper and cleaner.

Body Language

Human beings say a lot via body language, you just need to know how to spot those clues. If the guy starts to respond to your own body language, like mimicking some gestures, leaning a little closer, brushing shoulders, etc., he’s into you.

Now individually, these actions can be dismissed as coincidences. However, if you spot your guy doing all these things, you can be pretty sure he likes you.

Lots of Love!!!