12 Things which all Delhi University students can relate to

All DUites will agree that getting admission at Delhi University will always be our most proud achievement. Students are right now trying to get into their preferred colleges and for Delhiites, along with many others, Delhi University is the first choice. Although there are many universities in and around Delhi, our favourite DU is quite different from all of them. We have all boasted about our DU tag at least once. Here is a list of 12 things that all DUites will agree to and all the fresher kids will experience,

We spend more time at Hudson Lane Cafes and Kamla Nagar than at our classes. Sarojini Nagar and Chaurangi Lane for South Campus

It doesn't matter how intelligent we are, we are still scared that we might get an ER in a particular subject.

Photocopy wale bhaiya are our soul mates. We can't live without them.

Getting passes for a fest becomes more important than scoring in exams

After every result, we realise that attendance and internals are more important than actual exams

We are very proud of our college and campus. Can't hear anything against it.

We can't imagine our life without the rikshawalas that flock Vishwavidyalaya metro station and our respective colleges.

We have all thought at least once that we don't need to study any further. We've already proven our intelligence by getting admission.

We have never voted in elections. But, we've all enjoyed election bribes.

We have boasted at least once in front of non-DUites that they took admission at some other university because they couldn't get admission at DU

We hardly study. We believe that solving the last ten years' papers just a few days before the exams is more than enough.

It is impossible to imagine our life without Maggi. Tom Uncle Maggi point is our favourite hangout adda

Life in Delhi university is just amazing. Those few years spent in the college and university will give you friends and memories for life.

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Lots of Love!!!