Ways to Live the Potterhead Life in India

- By Shweta Choudhary

If you don't know what Potterhead means than you must be living under the rock or probably you are a muggle. Being a Potterhead means,

Harry Potter is our life

Not just the character, but everything from the Harry Potter series of books. You know the books from the first cover to the last, have learnt all the spells and know everything by heart. For some people (muggles for sure) it is just a series of books but for you, it is a set of the rule book to live the Potterhead life. If you are finding it difficult to include your love for Harry Potter in your, here are some ways to live the Potterhead life

When you wake up and wish Good Morning Hedwig! to a staff toy or pillow next to you.

Say Alohomora to open your bathroom door or any door.

You will make yourself a fulfilling breakfast (Eggs, pancakes, chocolate and butterbeer)

You will mostly speak in harry potter Quotes

If someone comes to you for help, it's more like they're going to Dumbledore himself. You drop Harry Potter Quotes like nobody's business. There's always an applicable lesson from J.K. Rowling, no matter the situation.

You will start Harry Potter movie marathon and repeat every spell used in the movie.

You will read your favourite Harry Potter book (for me they all are my favourite)

Whenever you're unhappy, you just blame it on the dementors.

If only you could cast Expecto Patronum...but at least chocolate is available in the Muggle world!

Hogwarts is your true home!

You are a true Potterhead if you will play online Harry Potter quiz even though you know all the answers by heart. All thanks to Queen JK Rowling for giving you such an awesome childhood and for teaching you the importance of Love, Friendship, Family and people you can die for.

When will I receive my letter of admission to Hogwarts!

I'm pretty sure my owl is lost somewhere or my crazy aunt has hidden that letter for good... Sigh...

Lots of Love!!!