Delhi University versus IIT... Which one is better?

This is probably the most hyped topic. Both, Delhi University and IIT are in every student's dream list. Most of us study day and night to get admission to these universities. A huge amount of money is spent on coaching classes and tuition classes to get admission to these Universities. Let's look at the pros and cons of both the universities.

Delhi University's crowd versus IIT's crowd

Delhi University has an equal proportion of girls and boys. Actually, statistically speaking the population of girls is a little more than boys at Delhi University because it has women-only colleges like LSR, Miranda House, Daulat Ram, Kamla Nehru etc. IIT, on the other hand, lags behind when it comes to women students.

Delhi University's infrastructure versus IIT's infrastructure

Delhi University has colleges with good infrastructure like St. Stephen's college and SRCC. But, most of its other colleges do not have that great infrastructure. They lack basic necessities like air conditioning, clean toilets, proper seating arrangement etc. IIT, on the other hand, ranks better when it comes to infrastructure.

Delhi University's admission procedure versus IIT's admission procedure

In order to get admission at IIT, you have to clear IITJEE ENTRANCE EXAM. Usually, people attend coaching classes at Narayana, FIITZEE, Vidyamandir to clear the exam. And one has to score somewhere between 95% to 100% (yes 100%) to get admission at Campus colleges of DU and somewhere between 92% to 98% to get admission at off-campus colleges.

Delhi University's teacher's versus IIT's teachers

Teachers at both the institutions are great. But, sometimes we realise that it is college, and here self-study is more important than what is taught in class.

Delhi University's world ranking versus IIT'S world ranking

IIT Delhi ranks 172 in QS University Ranking, Delhi University is at 487 positions in the world in the year 2018. 

Delhi University's placement cell versus IIT'S placement cell

Delhi University has a Central Placement Cell in addition to the placement cell of each college. We keep on hearing in the news how students from top courses like B. Com Hons of Campus colleges like SRCC get great packages. But, can we say the same about other colleges and other courses. IIT, on the other hand, offers a decent package to almost every student and great packages to its star students. IIT is definitely more employment-friendly than DU.

Delhi University's events (fests) versus IIT's fests

Delhi University organises events on a grand scale each year. DU's fests are always full of Bollywood stars and students from all colleges and universities attend it. IIT'S fests are great too. It also boasts of good events with Bollywood stars. But, when it comes to events, it is very difficult to match DU.

Delhi university's alumni versus IIT's alumni

Delhi University has a list of VIP alumni like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Gandhi and so on. IIT Delhi also has a list of great alumni like Sachin Bansal (founder of Flipkart), Chetan Bhagat, Tushar Raheja and so on.

It is very difficult to get admission at both the places. If you get admission, it becomes one of the biggest achievement of your life. Which one is your preferred college for admission this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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