Ways to Wear Denim Jacket in Summer

We’ve been noticing A LOT of jean jackets draped over the shoulders or wrapped around hands lately. All of a sudden it seems that denim jackets are the solution to all our outfit woes. It adds the perfect amount of edge to every ensemble, taking a date night outfit or a fancy dress down just a notch or two. From oversized to cropped and frayed, the jean jacket is timeless, versatile, and always ready to layer.

With the rising temperature, wearing a denim jacket in this scorching heat seems to be a little too much. Living in a place like Delhi, where the average temperature can reach up to 44 degree Celsius with extreme humidity in the air, even one layer of clothing feels unbearable, let alone layering it with an additional layer. If you are in this dilemma of To Wear a Denim Jacket or Not To Wear a Denim Jacket, we have shortlisted some summer looks that will help all the jean jacket aficionados to style their favourite one. Whether you already have one hanging in your closet or you need one (or two!), check out these ways to wear a denim jacket in summer.

Layer denim jacket on the short dress

Give your Maxi Maxi-mum style with a jean jacket

Maxi dresses and denim jackets are the perfect partners in giving you a gorgeous summer makeover. The flared maxi dress looks effortless with denim.

Go sleeveless with a denim jacket

If wearing sleeves is a bit too much for you, go sleeveless and enjoy the summer breeze without feeling uneasy.

Pair it with your quirky shorts

Pairing denim jackets with quirky shorts are the best way to give a look summery touch. You can try out cotton shorts or denim shorts.

Denim over Palazzo pants are so dope

The flared flowy fabric of palazzo pants paired up with a comfortable top and denim jacket will surely give your comfortable summer look a new twist. You can go with the printed palazzo pants or try the basic coloured culottes.

How do you wear your denim jackets in the summer season? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!