Simply Gorgeous Geometric Nails That You Can't Miss

Geometric nails are the classic chic nail art design. You can wear them on any occassion, pair them with any outfit and still look gorgeous. It comes with so many possibilities of design which you can create by changing patterns and colours. If you like minimalism or vibrant blast of colours, geometric nails have something for you in the closet. Throw in some glitter or rock it with negative space, geometric nail art design will compliment every nail shape or size.

Credits: Sonailicious

What I love the most about geometric nail art is that you can be as different as you like. It does not have to be similar to anyone giving you all the opportunity to be creative and unique with your nails. Today, I have selected some of my favourite geometric nail art designs that will make you go crazy for this underrated nail art trend.

Keep it simple

This one is for those who do not like to make their nail art complicated. A simple line or nail decals in geometric shapes will do the trick. Start playing with striping tapes.

All about negative space

Negative space mani became popular a couple of years back. They are quite popular in geometric nail design section as well. Be creative and design your own negative space geometric design!

Throw in some colours

Generally, people think that geometric nail designs are mostly monochromatic or contain just one colour with lots of negative space. But it all depends on you!

Credits: Sonailicious

If you love the colour, throw in some colour in those lines, fill that negative space with glitter or add some more colour.

Credits: Sonailicious

Credits: Sonailicious

Keep it minimalistic

I love minimalistic geometric nails. Monochromes, or a simple geometric shape, nothing too much. When you have little time on your hand but need to get a gorgeous manicure, these are the ones for you!

Ombre effect

Create a unique nail art by using ombre effect in a geometric pattern.

Get artistic

Love this gorgeous artistic take on geometric nail art design.

A little bit more

Do you love geometric nail art design? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!