How To Store Nail Polish | Do's & Don'ts

Every time I tell someone how many nail polishes I have, they only ask me one question - How you store them without any of them getting spoiled?

It can be heartbreaking when you wish to try out a nail paint and find out a thickened or dry polish. There are other times when nail polish caps become stuck making it difficult for one to even open it. After spending so much of money on these nail polishes when you are ended up with dry, thickened or stuck caps, it is really a mood spoiler. For girls and women who do not apply nail polish or nail polish hoarders like me, it is crucial for keeping nail polishes properly.

Generally, nail polishes have a storage life or shelf life of about 2-3 years which can increase or decrease depending on the way you have stored them.

For all the nail polish lovers out there, here are some simple tips that will come in handy to you hile storing your nail polish!

1. Don't store them close to the heat

Storing nail polishes near a point of heat can reduce its life. High temperatures activate the solvents within the nail polish which gives your polish that thick and melted consistency. This also counts the direct sunlight so no more keeping your nail polishes on a dresser or anywhere the sunlight comes.

2. Store them in cool, dark places

I keep my nail polishes in plastic bins and cases and stack them in the closet. Keeping it in a cool place will prolong its shelf life and keep your polish smooth and easy to apply.

3. Store them in refrigerator

This is the best cool and dark place with constant temperature so I do keep few favourite nail polishes or my super expensive nail polishes stacked in the refrigerator. If you have a handful of them, keeping them in the refrigerator can help. However, make sure to store them in a section with moderate temperature. Too much cold can also kill it. 

4. Store them in an upright position

I have seen many people throwing their nail polishes in a heap in storage boxes. You should not do that at all. It increases the chances of leakage or cap getting stuck. No one likes to open their box of nail polish and find them spilt over each other. That will be a very sticky business. 

5. Wipe off the lid and bottle before closing

Closing the lid of nail polish in hurry, yes, most of us have done it, but you should never store it like. Nail polish lids can be stuck if there is any nail polish left on the lid or neck of the bottle. Always wipe off the bottleneck and opening with a cotton swab and acetone or nail polish remover before storing them. Better, you should apply a little vaseline or petroleum jelly before closing the lid. This will prevent it from being stuck.

Here is a tutorial for you on how to store your nail polishes!

Do tell me your tricks for storing in the comments below.

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