How to Deal with a Highly Sensitive Person

Do you have a friend who tears up at commercials? Well, you may have a highly sensitive person on hand in this case. Human beings are complicated but highly sensitive people are a little more so.

When you have such a person in your life, you have to tiptoe around them thinking what to say and what not. With some love, care and patience, it is easy to deal with such oversensitive people. Here are some tips that might come in handy while doing so!

Avoid Sticky Issues

The foremost rule of dealing with such people is to avoid landmine issues. These issues may range from politics to religion. Sensitive people are highly affected by the state of things around them and you would not want to upset them with your radical ideas. They also tend to be a little too fanatical about their viewpoint.

Know Their Space

Highly sensitive people tend to be territorial. Remember Sheldon Spot?
Therefore, it is advisable to respect personal boundaries. If you live with such person, make sure that you do not clutter their space. If you work with a highly sensitive person, then try not to chat them up when they are all engrossed in their work. Let them focus and keep their space clean.

Treat Them Softly

Highly sensitive people tend to respond to even minor stimuli. Loud noises or even bright colours may irritate them. The rule of the thumb is to use soft tone while talking with them. It allows them to relax. Highly sensitive are prone to avoid people who are aggressive in their mannerism.

Give Them Time

Highly sensitive people may have the tendency to over-analyze and therefore may require a longer time to reach decisions. They also pay attention to details which further increases their decision processing time. If anyone around you is a sensitive person then let them take their own sweet time while making decisions.

Nurture Them

Highly sensitive people respond well to people who have the same sensibilities as they have. In order to win their trust, you need to treat them with extra TLC or Tender Loving Care. Such people also respond well to such nurturing care. So, you are likely to get a double dose of what you give out to them.

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Lots of Love!!!