Nail Art Trends That Will Give You Nightmares

I have seen many weird nails, but there are always some of them which can not only make you cringe, they will give you sleepless nights. We are not talking about blood, and gothic prints, but truly scary pieces of art and tech put into nails. Nail artists around the world are working hard to make their nail works stand apart from the crowd. They are attractive, unique and mesmerizing. You cannot stop thinking about them and how they work, wondering about these super innovative nails all day long. Using various technologies, 3D designs and simple yet fine crafty tools, they can create some of the most fascinating nail designs. Let's check them out!

Moving Eyeball nail art

Although gorgeous, there is something freaky about these eyeball nails. The way that eyeball moves, you are not going to sleep peacefully. Nail Sunny is taking the world of 3d nails to a whole new level with their artistic nail arts. Would you like to try these gorgeous but scary eyeball nail art?

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Dental nail art/ Molar manicure

These dental nails by Nail Sunny are making around among nail art community. Perfect for a dentist who wants to scare away his or her clients, these molar manicure is surely something, different. What is next? Denture nails?

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Ladybug nail art

Done by a very popular nail art, Tony, these mechanical ladybug nails can give you very scary nightmares. Tony really knows how to incorporate art into nails using working miniature mechanical models on nails. Amazingly fine work!

Corkscrew nail art

Adding a new dimension to the unicorn nail art trend of last year, corkscrew nails are every wine lover's fantasy. They are quite artistic yet can be a bit overwhelming. A girl like me will always be scared of touching things and people with these nails, what if I poke someone or worse, me!

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Long Claw nails

I'm not a big fan of too long nails, but there is a huge following. These long clawed nails remind me of so many scary stories told by my grandmom when I was a little kid. Would you like to try these?

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Beard nails/ Nose Nail art

Looking for a breath of fresh air, how about trying these nails with a weirdly realistic moustache and a too real 3d nose? Nail Sunny can really take their nails from usual to WTF level!

Instead of looking like moustache or beard, they are looking like too long to be true nose hairs... *barf*

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Do you like these nails? Would you like to try any of these weird nail art ideas? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!