Blake Lively Wears Deadpool Nail Art At Deadpool 2 Premiere | How Romantic!

Among all the celebrity couples, no doubt Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the best relationship. They troll each other with savage Instagram posts, shut down rumours like pros, and are there for each other when it really counts. That includes last night's big Deadpool 2 premiere, where Lively showed her support for her husband, who's reprising his starring role as the smart-ass superhero, by wearing his face on her nails. Rooting for her husband at the premiere of Deadpool 2, the fabulous Blake Lively sported a stunning Deadpool Nail art!

Only this lady can make a superhero nail art seem romantic with her charm and gorgeousness. The nail art was created by none other than the Elle Gerstein whom Blake has trusted for more than 15 years to do her nails on every usual or special occasion. According to her the sweet thematic tribute to Reynolds was all the actress' idea to support her husband and play into character for the launch of the movie.

Even her outfit was a subtle nod to Deadpool's character outfit in the movie, using both the colors in the outfit as well as the accessories she was carrying along to complete entire look.

Gerstein painted Lively's nails in black (Essie Licorice), save for three of the nails painted in white (Essie Gel Couture in First Fitting, which launches in June). For some added sparkle, Lively told Gerstein to add Swarovski crystals to the X-force art on her left hand's index finger — an aesthetic choice she was adamant about. Unlike the vintage crystals Gerstein used for Lively's Met Gala look, these are tiny stones that accented the glitter flecks inside the red polish (Essie Toggle to the Top) used to paint the Deadpool heart on her right hand and face on her left.

I really love her clutch bag. This rhinestone studded replica of a mix cassette from the 90s is so adorable. It has Party Mix on side A and Chill Beats on side B giving it a realistic look, I bet tonight's party will have this mix playlist on. Just wondering!

If you remember, she carried a clutch bag with a different rhinestone design For Met Gala as well. I think our favorite fashionista has a huge collection of rhinestone studded clutch bags.

Blake Lively is such a quirky diva. Her style, elegance everything about what she does is so poised.
Next year, Ryan Reynolds is going to star in Detective Pikachu, I wonder what kind of nails she will be wearing on the launch.

Let's see what she has in her wardrobe next for us...

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