Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex | Review

Acne scars due to pimples are the most common problem. They make your skin look dull and tired. Since my last acne breakout, I have had some pigmentation and spots on my cheeks. Although they are not very dark, it does look weird. I have been looking for something that can actually help in reducing these and giving me an even tone. After curing my acne, I have got a hang of Kaya skin clinic products. They are a tad bit expensive, but A girl's gotta do everything to have beautiful skin, isn't it.

I started using Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex to resolve this problem. It is a night cream and promises to lighten marks with visibly lighter skin tone in just 2 weeks. It contains natural acids so I do have very high hopes for it. Let's review it!

According to the Brand

Don't let pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone bring you down! Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex is a unique formula which combats skin troubles and helps you achieve the flawless skin always dreamt of!
  • Azelaic acid helps correct dark spots
  • Phytic acid which is proven tyrosinase inhibitor.
Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Reducing Complex gives you:
  • Helps to reduce dark spots, age spots, tanning and pigmentation marks
  • Is a light-textured, fast absorbing cream
  • Also prevents further darkening of the skin
  • Hydrating nature of the actives improves the feel of skin and keeps it soft and healthy
  • Formula researched & developed by dermatologists
  • Visible results in 2 weeks


Price is Rs. 1160 for 30ml

However, you can get it at discounted prices on several online sellers. You just gotta try!


How to Use

Cleanse your face, Apply toner. Apply 6 dots on your face and massage them to absorb the cream.

Since it is a night cream, you can make it your nighttime pamper ritual. Just wash your face or take bath to remove all the dirt and makeup. Apply toner once you have cleansed the facial skin. Take about a pea size of the cream, apply it in form of small dots all over your face and massage the face in outer motion. I love this nighttime ritual. It gives me time to relax and focus on my skin after a long day.


It comes in the standard Kaya container with a pump on top. I really love the packaging of Kaya skin Clinic products. They are not only easy to use but the pump feature makes it hygienic to use the product. The pump nozzle releases very small amount so you can be careful while taking out the cream. Since I need very small quantity I really like it. However, there is no way of telling how much product is left in the bottle.


Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex is creamy with slight yellow tone to it. It is really thick and moisturising. I need only about a pea size for my face and neck. It is slightly heavy on the skin, so you have to massage it properly on the skin. It gets absorbed in the skin perfectly. If you will take too much, it can make your skin oily.

People with oily skin might not like.


  • It contains Azelaic acid and Phytic acid, both are natural acids
  • Moisturises skin perfectly.
  • Makes it a little bright with a slight reduction of pigmentation and marks.
  • Easy to use 
  • Easily available
  • Did not make me break out
  • Quantity will go a long way


  • It is a little on the pricier side. 
  • Does not work on too dark spots or pigmentation
  • Very less quantity for the price
  • Cannot do much if used alone, very slight pigmentation reduction if used alone. 

I am using it with Kaya Brightening Beads cleanser and Kaya Purifying toner which I reviewed a few days back. My skin has become visibly better and I did get some compliments too. I had acne problem which left some marks on cheeks, but now it has reduced significantly. I will continue to use it until I find something better. 

Share your thoughts on this with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!