How to Get Rid Of Split Ends?

Split ends!

They are the biggest nightmare of any girl. Split ends can affect the growth of your hair if you are planning to grow them longer. You have to trim your hair every couple of months to prevent frayed hairs from happening and once they occur, again you have to cut your hair. Leaving them be can make your hair look a little burnt and dull around the edges.

Most of these causes are due to stress from external factors such as mechanical, physical, and environmental. Physical and mechanical breakage is a result of roughhousing with your hair. For example, improper detangling, brushing wet hair or excessive blow drying can all cause split ends. Environmental breakage is caused by environmental factors that damage or break the hair. A good example is dryness that is caused from the hot summer sun.

Some hair-splitting behaviour is also internal. The strength of your hair and its susceptibility to split ends can be directly related to your diet, hormones, and vitamins or minerals. Nutritional/dietary stresses are usually an excess or deficiency of vitamins, mineral or even hormone that promote healthy hair.

Some other causes of split ends are:
  • Excessive use of hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs)
  • Overuse of chemical treatments (relaxers, perms, hair colour.
  • Use of inferior styling tools that rip or snag hair (cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush rollers, etc.)
  • Environmental damage from heat, cold, wind and other climate issues.
  • Lack of routine maintenance such as regular trimming and deep conditioning treatments
  • Improper detangling techniques (brushing wet hair)
  • Overwashing or using a clarifying shampoo too frequently
  • Use of inferior hair care products
  • Excessive use of styling products such as gels, waxes and sprays
  • Trimming with inferior scissors
  • Scratchy bedclothes, fingers, or hands.

Although there are several techniques available that claim to get rid of split ends, but not all of them work for sure. What you need is something that can help in getting rid of this issue while keeping hair looking healthy and long.

Hope that you loved this tutorial about getting rid of split ends and found it helpful. Do share any tips, techniques or your thoughts about split ends. Would love to hear your stories!

Lots of Love!!!