Very Berry: Matte Berry Nails for Fall Season

Fall is right around the corner adding a sweet chill in the air. It is my favorite season, not very cold, not very hot, a little windy and fabulous. I can wear what I want, My makeup does not melt away and my skin also looks and feel good. Another good thing about the Fall season is the colors trending in the fashion and beauty world. One of my favorites is the Berry shades. 

Ranging from reddish berries to purplish berries, you get so many option to enjoy the popular fall trend. The best thing about berry shades is that it looks great on almost every skin complexion. I am a brown girl with fair complexion so I like to wear berry shades in maroon. 

 You can choose any or all of them. Since it is a popular color of the season, you can get it in absolutely anything. Makeup products, lipsticks, nail polishes, sneakers, boots, loafers, hair colors, hand bags, sweatshirts and jackets. Today I have compiled a few berry nails with matte finish to give you inspiration for the season's nails. Let's have a look!

The Classic Matte Berry Nails

 Elegant Nail Art on Matte Berry Nails

 Matte Berry Nails with Leopard Print

 Accent Matte Berry Nails

 Matte Berry Nails with Acrylic 3D Art

Matte Berry Nails with Stamping Art

Matte Berry Nails with Rhinestones and Studs Accent Nails

Hope you loved all of them. Soon I am going to review few Nail polishes by Maybelline in Berry shades. Stay posted!

Lots of Love!!!