Nail Art Trends: Wear Your Dress on the Nails

Painting your nails merely with polish is so outdated now. It is time to make your nails stand out and razzle dazzle with a hint of fashion. International nail art trends are making it slow yet steady in the Indian scenario giving us girls one more reason to look good. If you have been trying out nail art ideas or wish to try them for every day or one special day, we have a great idea for you.

Wear your dress on your nails!

This might sound a bit bizarre or something you are not capable of but trust us, it is so easy you can do it like a perfectionist without any nail art training or magical wand. A swipe of polish here, a dab of brush there and a stroke of sparkle can turn your nails into the one of a fashionista. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started?

Peter Pan Collar Dress Nails

Peter Pan collars are making a huge come back in form of dresses. Stunning shift dresses, available in freshest of colours and styles will leave you and other mesmerized. Wear them on your nails by creating a half moon shape with base colour and lining it with white polish using a detailing brush. You can add further details with golden or black buttons if your dress has any.

Floral Dress Nails
Spring/Summer collection is flooded with gorgeous floral dresses. No matter if you are wearing a dress with florals all over it, on the hemline or the collar, you can get it on your nails as well. Start by applying the base colour of your dress on the nails. Once it has dried up, make random flowers near the cuticles or on the tip using a detailing brush. You do not have to be a perfectionist in it. Once it has dried well, seal the nail art with top coat.

Lace Dress Nails

Courtesy: Copycat Claws
Subtle, soft, gorgeous and glamorous all at the same time, lace dresses can bring out your feminine side. Surprise your someone special with a lacy surprise by wearing your lace dress on the nails. You can start with applying a sheer polish on the nails as a base and creating the lace look through white polish using detailing brush. If you want to save time, use a nail art stamping kit to recreate the look. We have one more trick up our sleeves for this nail art. Take a makeup sponge, apply a polish of the desired colour on it. Wrap your nails in lace fabric, and dab them using a makeup sponge. You will be able to see a lacy pattern on the nails.

Ombre Dress Nails

Ombre dresses are the hot pick of the season. As stunning as they are, ombre dresses are equally easy to recreate on the nails too. Just apply a base polish on the nail. Take a makeup sponge, apply polish on it in form of ombre gradient and just dab it on the nail. Once it has dried up well, seal it with top coat removing the excess by using a cotton bud or Q-tip.

Striped Dress Nails

Striped dresses can make you look young and flamboyant. Available in multiple styles, these dresses are great for a brunch as well as daily office wear. Recreate them on your nails by applying a base polish and creating strips horizontally or vertically like your dress using a striper brush. You can also use striping tape or this look as well.

Lots of Love!!!