September 2016 Fab Bag Review: The Eye Feel Pretty Bag

My September Fab Bag just arrived and it is ready to be reviewed. I am so excited for the products that came in this that I have already used most of the products the second after un-boxing. To my relief, fab bag has started allowing the users to pick their main products in fab bag and I chose SeaSoul Eye shadow palette along with Bling Nail applique, so you can understand my excitement. Let's start reviewing the September 2016 Fab Bag Review: The Eye Feel Pretty Bag.

Fab Bag

After so many days, I got such a pretty fab bag pouch with a cute quote on it. "My life may not be perfect, but my lashes most definitely are".

It is dual colored and very pretty, slightly bigger than my last fab bag so I will be using it and flaunting it to other girls. As I said last time, this time as well the outer cardboard box was crumpled and too scary to be opened. I hope they are careful next time. I hoping to find a little surprise in my October Fab bag since it is my birthday. Few beauty bag brands do send special goodies to the birthday girls, I hope Fab Bag will do so too.

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September 2016 Fab Bag Review: The Eye Feel Pretty Bag contains:

SeaSoul Eyeshadow Palette- SS12 (Full Size: Rs. 900)
Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick- MC01 (Full Size: Rs. 550)
AVA Face & Body Scrub- White Rain (Rs. 325 for 100ml)
Neemli Tulsi & Sandalwood Body Wrap (Rs. 550 for 75gm)
Bling Nail Appliques (Full Size Rs. 150)

Looking at the size of each product that I received in my bag, they all seem to be full size.

SeaSoul Eyeshadow Palette- SS12

SeaSoul Eyeshadow Palette- SS12 is dual eyeshadow with a combination of Dark Chocolate matte shade and Bronze shimmer shade. It is a nice, every day color which you can wear to your office as well.

 Ingredients are not mentioned on the package also there is no applicator brush available with this one. The pigmentation is slightly less, as you can see on the swatch on my hand. It came after 3 swipes.

 Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick- MC01

Matte and very creamy, packing all the coverage you need to depend on. An all round concealer providing a matte finish covering all imperfections. Definitely a product which should be part of your daily makeup routine for quick and easy cover ups.

How do you use it?

Dab a small amount of concealer from the stick onto your finger or a small makeup brush. Then apply the concealer to the center of the blemish or under-eye area. If you prefer, you can dab concealer onto your skin directly from the stick, but this method doesn't allows for as much precision. Dust a loose powder over the concealer before it dries completely.

My Take

Way too creamy as it just fell out of the container, completely out! They sent me a broken piece and that too in a shade which is one shade lighter than mine. I had to pick it up, put it in and refrigerate it. I have never had good experience with Makeup revolution products, my last one being the beige lipstick, Makeup Revolution London The One. Since it is light in shade and I am not getting fairer, so I think I will use it as highlighter. (When you are a makeup fanatic, you seem to make your way even around bad products)

AVA Face & Body Scrub- White Rain

AVA WHITE RAIN is a mild gel scrub with gentle oils of jasmine and lily, which are extremely good to improve the skin elasticity and revitalizes the skin giving it a glow. The floral notes helps to relax the mind and the gentle rice scrub granules along with finely ground apricot powder helps to cleanse the skin removing the dead cells and dirt.

My Take

Just wow! The fragrance, the texture and the results are pretty amazing. It does not have any soap in it with all the natural ingredients, it tends to make your skin smooth and supple. I fell in love with it's mild floral fragrance. The name White Rain is apt as it has white particles in clear liquid which looks like rain. I have sensitive skin so this was actually perfect for me. Love this!

Neemli Tulsi & Sandalwood Body Wrap 

The perfect little spa kit for your body. Tulsi promotes skin brightening, helps fight acne, fades blemishes and pimple marks. Sandalwood is naturally anti ageing, anti acne and skin softening, also extremely beneficial for brightening of skin. Fuller’s Earth is a powerful absorber of oil and impurities.

How do you use it?

Wash the face with warm water, Mix 1 table spoon of bodywrap with 1 – 1.5 table spoon of liquid of your choice water/milk/floral water, etc. Spread evenly on exposed areas of skin and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. After rinse with water.


Tulsi powder, Sandalwood Powder, Fullers earth.

My Take

I love using organic face packs. I mixed this one with rose water and applied it on my skin after washing it well. Like some of the face packs, it didn't dry my skin. My skin felt so creamy, smooth and supple and the mild fragrance lingered for a couple hours. If you want to sit back and relax, pampering your skin, this is a must for you.

Bling Nail Appliques

For a nail art buff like me, this is the best product. Bling Nail Appliques are very easy to use and come in so many designs. I received 18 pieces in 9 different sizes. I think these Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are fun fun fun! They are also much cheaper than the other nail appliques on the market. They are easy to apply and remove and really unique. I have received lots of compliments on these and I definitely recommend them for all to try!

With this the review is over and the wait for the next month's fab bag begins. I hope you all enjoyed the review and will share their personal experiences with me as well.

Lots of Love!!!