Budget friendly makeup essentials for College girls

When you are off to college, a little dab of blush here and a little kajal there is a must. You have to look gorgeous without over doing with makeup. Also, you have a tight budget to keep up with. Stay fabulous with budget friendly makeup essentials for college girls. Here are few for you!

Get the perfect coverage

Face is the most essential part of makeup especially if you are aiming for natural makeup free look. Since applying foundation on daily basis is not for the young girls, you need a BB cream. Garnier, Lakme, Pond’s and Fair & Lovely have a couple of options in their bucket for budget friendly BB creams. Choose the one closest to your skin complexion. I have a fair complexion and sensitive skin and I have been using Pond's BB Cream for years now. Gives perfect coverage and flawless finish!

Color those lips

Even when you are not in the mood of applying too much makeup, a little lip color never hurts anyone. Lipsticks might be out of league or young girls, but you have lip-glosses and lip balms to cover for it. Go for the pink or lightly tinted ones for “Au Naturel” style. Maybelline lip polish, Lakme lip-glosses, Maybelline baby lips, Elle 18 Color Pops and Lotus lip balm are some choices for you.

Let your eyes sparkle

A little eye shadow can make you look sparkling. Add a dab of color on your eyelid with budget friendly options like Elle 18 Eye Sparklers, Streetwear eye shadow, MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven, Coloressence and Lakme eye color quartet.

Work that liner

You can skip everything but a liner is a must have for any college girl. Essence, Street wear, Elle 18, Lakme, Maybelline, Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner and Deborah Milano has few budget options in liquid liners and pencil liners. You can save further more by choosing Kohl liners. Double them up as kajal and liner, saving more money!

Mesmerize with your eyes

Kohl or kajal is very important for Indian girls. From natural makeup to glamorous cocktail party look, Kohl liners or kajal is everywhere. Maybelline Colossal kajal, Lakme eyeconic, Faces Kohl Liner, Himalaya Kajal, Lotus Kajal and Kohl liners are some budget friendly options for you.

Blush blush baby

A little pinkish tint around the cheekbones is good for natural look. You do not need a lot for college, just a dab of it for pinkish glow. You can buy blushes in budget by Maybelline, Lakme, Streetwear, MUA Velvet Blush and MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven. Or be a smarty and use your red lipstick or pink lipstick as cheek stain.