Pic Credits: StudioDIY

I saw this nail art on Studio DIY and loved it at the first sight. I have been planning to do something like this but was quite confused about how to do it, what I will use, which print or design to go on with. But seeing this nail art gave me so many ideas instantly. Using old magazine cuttings to do a little word art or using different prints from the magazine to create a very unique mani can save you a lot of bucks. If you have been planning to use those nail art decals, this can be a good start. 

Pic Credits: StudioDIY

TOTAL TIME: 45 Minutes


Nail Glue
Nail Polish in Color of Your Choice
Top Coat

Pic Credits: StudioDIY


1. Decide what you want to spell and hunt through magazines to find the letters. The letters need to be small enough to fit on your nails, and spaced enough apart that you can cut each letter out individually.
2. Paint your nails and let dry completely.
3. Place a dot of nail glue on the back of one of the letters and spread it over the entire back using the tip of the nail glue.
4. Place the letter on the nail.
5. Seal with a top coat, using a "dabbing" motion instead of a painting motion, in order to prevent the magazine ink bleeding. Let dry.

Pic Credits: StudioDIY
This one is so easy to do and so creative on a lot of levels. Saves money, makes your mani stand out and makes people wonder about where you got that decal, perfect!

Pic Credits: StudioDIY

Do try it and share your views with me.

Lots of Love!!!