Crystal Lips Are the Most Stunning Beauty Look on Instagram Right Now

If you're into crystals these days — don't lie, there's probably one sitting on your bedside table — then you need to take a peek at the hyper-realistic geode art that New York-based makeup artist Johannah is putting on people's lips. 

Johannah (@beyou.byjoh) dreams up these gem-like looks, from druzy quartz to amethyst slices, by using tiny crystals, liquid lipstick, and metallic liquid lip color. Prepare to be hypnotized by their beauty:
Australian makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet has also created a few gem-like looks that totally rock by using liquid lipstick, Mehron pigments, flecks of glitter, and cut-up sequins. See her amethyst and pyrite creations below:

I'm not sure I could ever recreate lips that look as beautiful as these do, or if I'll even bother trying, but I could definitely stare at these photos all day long.