I love quirky nail art, especially when they are easy to make. While I was going through few nail art ideas, I came across to this "Wink Wink" nail art by StudioDIY.  

Pic Credits: StudioDIY

This one is so cute and adorable yet full of quirkiness. You will not need a lot of things for doing this one or any kind of special training. Just play with the colors, match them with your outfits or any other pattern.

Pic Credits: StudioDIY

What you need

  • Nail polish (in at least 3 colors + white)
  • Black nail art pen
  • Base coat
  • Top coat

Here is the DIY

Pic Credits: StudioDIY

 Isn't it easy? If you think that you might make few mistakes while making that arc, practice it a few times on a plastic sheet. You can also make nail art decals in eye shape following the above steps. Just draw on a plastic sheet instead of your nails. Once dry, remove it using a tweezer and place it on your nail. You need apply a base color before doing this. Top it up with top coat (matte or shiny) for perfect finish.
Pic Credits: StudioDIY
 You can flaunt it anywhere you go trying different colors for base or the eye lens.

Pic Credits: StudioDIY
Enjoy the nail art diy and tell me how you liked it!

Lots of Love!!!