17 Uses For Nail Polish Besides Painting Your Nails

The bane of a tidy, uncluttered house is the dreaded unitasker. Those products and devices that can only be used in one way for one thing and otherwise just take up space.

So I'm always looking for other ways to use what I already own, and thankfully nail polish turns out to be an awesome multitasker! Both for solving day-to-day problems and for arts and crafts, you'll find that those little bottles of rainbows can bring a lot more to your life than pretty nails. 

1. Protect addresses from water damage.

No one wants their carefully addressed envelopes to arrive at their destination smeared from rain, or worse, not arrive at all. If you know a rainy spell is likely, paint a thin layer of clear polish over the address portion of the envelope. It will protect the ink. Repeat the same process for your return address.  

via Instagram / @thehappyenvelope

2. Personalize your phone case.

Don't feel limited in your case options from the local shops. If they don't carry a style you like, buy a plain case and decorate it yourself. This tutorial uses stickers for reinforcing punched paper as stencils to create perfect polka dots. 

via YouTube / Natalie's Creations

3. Update your sunglasses for the season.

Any color of polish can be used to change up the look of your sunglasses. Go baby pink or blue for spring, then change to warm golds as autumn rolls around.

4. Waterproof matches for camping.

Clear polish can protect the ends of your matches when you're heading out for a camping trip. It may take an extra strike or two to get a spark, but that's better than being caught out on a cold, rainy night with no way to light a fire. 

via Flickr / S B

5. Secure a loose button.

Stop those pesky buttons from falling off your clothing by applying clear polish at the first sign of loosening threads. The polish will hold the button in place until you have the chance to properly resew it. 

via Flickr / Steven Lilley

6. Restore fraying rattan furniture.

Once your favorite rattan chair starts fraying, it can be hard to stop the problem from escalating, and the results are both ugly and uncomfortable. At the first sign of a fraying spot, coat with clear polish to halt it before it can become a larger problem. 

via What Meegan Makes

7. Add a pop of color to your heels.

If you're bored with plain soles on your shoes or want to refresh them after wear and tear, you can paint them with any color of nail polish. Mimic the red of Louis Vuitton or be completely original. 

via Fashionlush

8. Paint old jewelry a new color.

Love the shape or style of a piece of jewelry, but hate the color of the stones? Repaint them in the nail polish color of your choice.

via YouTube / LaceOrLipstick

9. Color-code your keys.

Don't let yourself become confused by a bunch of similar keys. Sure, you can get colored keys cut these days (my key to my parents' house is cow print), but if you don't want more copies floating around, you can use nail polish to solve the problem at home. 

via wikiHow

10. Fix fraying laces.

If the plastic tip of your laces has gone missing and they're starting to fray badly, you can use nail polish to reseal the ends. Use clear to be subtle or choose a fun color to add some pizzazz.

via Flickr / matt.krass Flickr / athriftymrs.com

11. Keep garden labels legible.

It's in a garden's nature to get wet, so when making markers to identify plants from weeds, be sure to apply clear nail polish to them after the ink is dry. It will keep your careful printing from smearing so that you don't accidentally tear out your tomatoes. 

via Flickr / Amanda B

12. Colorful pebble magnets.

Don't limit yourself to the selection of glass pebbles at your local craft store. Buy some clear pebbles, paintthe backs with the polish of your choice, then stick magnets to them. Your fridge will thank you!

via Finding Zest

13. Bright, fun pencils!

Remember Yikes! pencils in the '80s and '90s? Fun and bright, they were the staple of every backpack and pencil case. I still have some! Mimic the effect by painting your boring yellow pencils with polish in all sorts of colors. 

via Instagram / @artscrackers

14. Dip chopsticks to add color to your place setting.

If you're having people over for some Asian cuisine, add some elegance and charm to your table by giving plain wooden chopsticks a quick dip in nail polish. It will only take minutes, and they'll dry quickly. 

via Love Maegan

15. Marble pretty much anything.

A shallow water bath with some nail polish dripped into it can make the neatest marble effects! This tutorial uses coasters, but pretty much anything is fair game: glasses, bottles, vases, paper, canvas, etc.

via YouTube / Fresh Crush

16. Rainbow headphone cords.

There was a time when white cords on your headphones were a fashion statement, but now that they're ubiquitous, you need something else to stand out among the crowd. With masking tape and nail polish, you can make that cord whatever color you want or just use all the colors. 

via Créme de la Craft

17. Get that stained glass look.

Isn't this tree project gorgeous? You'd never guess that the little stained-glass leaves were actually created with nail polish. With just wire and floral tape, this little tree could be the perfect centerpiece to your autumn decor.

via Sweet Paul Magazine