Street Fashion: New York Fashion Week 2017 Spring

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes at New York Fashion Week. No boundation, no restriction, no rules and still so overpowering that it defines the fashion trends going on across the world for the coming year. 

This is the only place where you watch the ramps with puppy eyes and enjoy the streets as well with similar love and affection. If you are someone who loves fashion as much as we do, here is a sneak peek to the street fashion emerging amongst New York Fashion Week 2017 Spring/Summer.

The Bright and the Beige!

If you love bright colors as much as beige, you will see both of them here. This is something that makes New York Street fashion different from others. People love to express themselves through fashion without wondering about what others think. 

Preppy colors!

Since it is all about spring/summer over here at NYFW 2017, fresh spring colors were bound to come up. Pretty pinks, fuchsias, soft shades, pastels, were seen here a lot. Imagine them in wildest fashion combination and you have the New York street style!

Modern minimalist!

Modern minimalism is one of a kind fashion trend. With minimal details, colors and striking cuts and silhouettes, it is the outfit that speaks. It is sensuous as well as powerful. Wear what your heard desires! 

Romantic contemporaries!

Sweet heart necklines, subtle prints and pretty colors, romantic contemporary style is everything but cute. You can define your day in and day out styles with these voguish pieces!

The Frills and flairs!

A little flair and frill is very important for your wardrobe if you believe New York Street style. Play it up with loads of accessories or keep it minimal, it is your choice. Layering it up with shrugs, jackets or a contrasting scarf can prep up the look. 

Bold and Beautiful!

Fashion in New York is never subtle. It is bold and bright and beautiful. You can see a few glimpse of pretty colors during the New York Fashion Week 2017 Spring Summer time in the streets. Leather, faux leather and PU along with other fabrics were quite in trend. 

Few more styles that you can take inspiration from:

Lots of Love!!!