NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish: Review & Swatches

NYX is one of my favorite nail polish brands when it comes to nail polishes. It suits my nails perfectly and I have been using it for abut 6 years now. However, it is very difficult to locate their products in my country, since they are not launched here so very often. Either I have to wait for any online website to provide them in my country or have to pay more than it's cost to have it. 

Recently I got know about a site which is selling them in my country but only a handful shades. So I got myself 2 of NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish: French Manicure: Heaven (NPS106) & Soft Teal (NPS 191). These are just two of the 144 shades launched in the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish collection which includes trending colors, french manicure shades and nail treatments. Here are the shades, if you are planning to buy few.

Website Claims

NYX Cosmetics introduces a professional nail care collection that will adorn your fingers and toes - the Salon Formula Nail Polish! These exceptional nail polishes come in 144 brilliant on-trend colors including 10 nail treatments that will make it seem like you just received a fresh manicure and pedicure from a professional salon! See the vividness of each color with one easy coat on your nails. Just one coat, it's that quick and easy! With the long-lasting formula and an extraordinary selection of colors to fit your every mood and pretty outfits, your nails will be dazzling all the time!

Let's review the two shades I have!


Original cost is Rs. 350 but I got it for Rs. 190 each for 15ml 

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish: Soft Teal (NPS 191)

Soft Teal is a soft teal shade as the name suggest. You can get a smooth sheer teal color on your nails with one swipe and a perfect teal with two coats.

It is a very elegant and pretty color which can be your perfect beach day or pool party shade.


Application was smooth all thanks to the very nice applicator brush NYX polish has. It is made of very fine hairs, almost like animal hair (Not really) giving elegant and gentle strokes.

Everything is perfect about the polish except one thing. It takes forever to dry!

Shelf Life

9 Months as mentioned on the pack but I use them until the polish is done or I get bored of the color.


I used this polish as base on my cute panda nail art!

 NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish: Heaven NPS 106

Heaven NPS106 is from french nail polish collection of the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish collection of 144 colors. It is a soothing creamy off white shade, perfect for any french manicure. Previously I had this color in another NYX nail polish in shade French out.


Application was smooth all thanks to the very nice applicator brush NYX polish has. It is made of very fine hairs, almost like animal hair (Not really) giving elegant and gentle strokes.

Heaven 106 is very sheer being a french manicure polish. It took me 3-4 shades for that perfect smooth off white look. Since it takes really long to dry, you will want to wait a little between coats before applying another one. 

NYX Cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by organizations, such as PETA, as a cruelty-free brand. We are committed to producing 100% cruelty-free cosmetics. This gives me one more reason to love these polishes. 

Check out my newspaper nail art done using NYX Heaven NPS 106 as base. 

A small blunder (Maybe?)

Have a look at these bottles. Aren't they looking similar to NYX ones. Except the cap, everything is so damn similar to the NYX ones. I hope this one is a mistake ( a very big one), stealing the design. The bottoms of the bottles are slightly different. Lippmann’s has a lower and more rounded ridge groove on hers. And obviously the labeling is very different. The rounded edges on the top/sides of the bottles are slightly different which you can see from this angle. The most obvious different between the two bottles are the caps. NYX is longer and cylindrical and glossy with their logo on top. 

Over all, these are a must try. NYX has a mind blowing range of nail polishes for every occassion and season. You can get them in gift sets, combo packs or as single bottles in your nearest store or online stores.

Lots of Love!!!