How To Coordinate Your Nail Art With Your Makeup

Have you ever tried to match your nail art with your makeup and failed badly? How about taking it one step at a time with these ingenious ideas for matching makeup with nails!

You can coordinate your makeup to your mani, too—thanks to these four fun looks and many more here!

Try a New Accent

"Alternating nails are a great twist on the old-school accent nail trend," explains Poole, who chose to switch between pink and red. "It's one of my favorite color combinations, and since the tones of these colors are so similar, it's a subtle way of wearing nail art." Wear the look with two slightly different lipstick colors—one on each lip—for something subtly striking.

Revel in Negative Space

"Negative space, or the unpainted parts of the nail, are my favorite! I find negative space makes nails feel a little more tomboy and less fussy," says Poole. "These nails have randomly placed squares and rectangles to correspond with the windowpane design on the eye." To get this look, use a striping brush to paint on black shapes, and clean up the edges with a small brush dipped in acetone. "This look is meant to be minimal, so don't overload the nail with shapes," she advises, "keep it to one or two squares per fingernail. For an all-over glassy shine that protects your design, apply a layer of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat."

Shed Graphic Tears of Joy

"Painting just the bottom, or 'moons,' looks best on really short well trimmed nails," explains Poole. To get this look, she used an opaque white polish, and painted it on using a skinny striping brush to paint only the moons. "I find it's best to mark off the placement of the shapes before painting them," she says. "Tap small dots at the center and edges of where you want your moon shape to sit—this way they're centered and straight." Afterward, use a small eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up and sharpen the shape, and add top coat to encase everything. Then draw on your graphic tear to match.

Swim With the Mermaids

"There are so many textures available for nails and one that's really caught my eye lately is layering matte top coats over metallics, or pouring loose glitter onto wet paint for a velvet or brushed metal texture," says Poole. For this look, she opted for aquatic-inspired color. "Here, I painted two layers of teal polish, and applied Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Top Coat over it, which acted as an adhesive for glitter. While the top coat is still wet, lightly sprinkle teal glitter onto your nails. Let it dry for five minutes, then use a large makeup brush to dust off the loose glitter. The result is a slightly matte and textural glitter, which looks great paired with a teal cat eye."

Few more ideas to match your makeup with nail art!

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