6 Ways To Style Your Old Sweaters For A New Look In Winters

Winters are finally here and it is time to take out all those old sweaters. Admit it or not all the girls have butt load of old sweaters which most of them not even wear any longer. But since they are very cute or special in some way or the other, we keep them in the trunks.

How about adding life to all these sweaters with simple styling tips and jazz up your winters. Here are few looks that you can try, rest is on your imagination!

Make a Crop top

If you have got the tailoring skills or know someone who can handle a pair of scissor and put a thread in the needle, making a crop top out of old sweater is a good option. Just chop off the extra from below, sew the boarders and here you go. You can add a lace to it for added glamour. Wear it on top of jeggings and boots. Your favourite jeans, pullovers, or high waist trousers can also add spark to it.

Use it as Dress

This is the best one if you have really long knit sweaters. Just put it on, pairing it with a pair of knee high boots and you are all set to rock the day. You can add stunning accessories as well like a skinny belt, long chain pendant necklace and dangle earrings.

Embellish it

Do you love quirky fashion? Taking inspiration from Alia Bhatt, you can also take your old sweater to the next level. Use badges, quirky brooch pins and other embellishments to add life to that old rag. You will just have to be creative.

Off shoulder top

Do you have lots of cardigans but you are clueless about what to do with them? How about making an off shoulder top out of it. Just open a few buttons as per your size and fold them toward inside. You can also use scarf or a skinny belt to complete the look. Wear it over skirts or jeans with a nice pair of wedges.

Layer it with dress

Wearing a sun dress in this winters is a complete no-no, but you can by layering that dress of your with a thin sweater. From round necks to turtle necks, you can play with textures and styles by layering right fabrics together. Remember how mother used to make you wear sweaters under those frocks, it is the same way but a little more stylish now.

Top it on skirt

Wearing sweaters on top of pencil skirts can save you from a lot of hassles with styling. Just pair the sweater with suitable pencil skirt, use a skinny belt to add shape or just let it go like that. Wear boots underneath or your favourite pair of heels.

Enjoy winters with these fabulous sweater styles!

Lots of Love!!!