10 Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired

At the end of a long day feeling tired and lacking energy is normal, but when it starts showing on your face, you gotta do something about it. Whether it is at the end of the day or early morning after partying all night, tiredness is something that pops up on your face, especially under eyes, around cheeks and in your skin. For all those ladies who want to party hard on the New Year's eve and still look fresh the next day, here are some fabulous makeup tricks that will boost energy on your face!

Brighten up those eyes!

Use light eyeshadow, like a shimmery white, to quickly make you look brighter.

Bronze it right!

Bronzer is another easy way to give yourself a natural glow. Here’s how to apply it without overdoing it

Get Rid of Dark Circles!

The most obvious beauty issue with being tired are dark circles under the eyes. Knock those out first using an under-eye concealer that is a shade lighter than your normal color.

Highlight that skin!

Dull skin is another downside to being exhausted. Use some highlighter strategically to make your skin look luminous.

Conceal it baby!

Using the concealer right can bring out the best on your face. Take it from these tricks!

Make your eyes pop!

One white pencil can make a huge difference! Apply it to your inner corners to make eyes look larger and very awake.

Get the right products!

Some products that you should definitely use to look less tired (and no, they don’t have to be Clinique): hydrating mask, energizing moisturizer, highlighter, concealer, and a bright lipstick. 

Oh that dewy finish!

Get that summer look even though it’s still chilly outside with this easy tutorial

Cover those droopy eyes!

When you’re really tired, your eyes droop and skin sags, and your concealer can easily start creasing. Here’s how to crease-proof your under-eye area

Freshen up those lips!

Lastly, a bright lipstick can distract from any other problems you might be having. Here’s how to make it look good

I hope you loved all these tips and will try them too for a refreshing look on the first day of the year!

Lots of Love!!!