Different types of beanies you need to try for Winters

Who says dressing up in winters have to be boring and dull. Add a spark and a touch of cuteness with beanies to your look this winter. Wear them skirts, jeans, leggings, jeggings for a hip, boho and in perfect street style fashion, choice is yours. 

Here are some types of beanies, you need to try this season.

Cuffless beanies

The most basic type of beanies, cuffless beanies are great for average weather. They are thin, and reaches up to forehead only. You can wear them daily letting your hair down.

Cuffed beanies

These ones are the counterpart of cuffless beanies and have an extra length of knitted material on the cuffs. These ones are a bit warmer as compared to the cuffless ones. You can easily pull down the extra length to protect your ear and neck.

Earflap beanies

Earflap beanies are very cute and adorable. You can pull them off with braids (all kinds of braids). You can find a number of styles in this one from dual or triple tones to tribal prints.

Visor or brimmed beanies

Shaped like baseball hat, these are by far my favourite. Very classy and stylish both at the same time. you can find them in both solid coloured and prints. You can wear them by keeping your hair down in a simple way or facing the visor on sidewise.

Knitted beanies

As the name suggests, knitted beanies are hand knitted. They are mostly bright and colourful, a perfect look for winters. You can wear them for a refreshing winter style!

Animal shape beanies

We all have worn these as kids and they are back in fashion. Try out kitties, bunnies, doggy, cow, piggy and several other styles of animal shape beanies.

Lots of Love!!!