13 Short Nail Ideas To Try This Fall

Short nails, don't care.

We'll never settle on a nail length, but when it's super hot outside, we're down for the short look. A trim manicure benefits us all, too. You will silently type away with the pads of your fingers instead of tapping out the disruptive clack-clack sound of tips on a keyboard. From a french tip upgrade to a look that is literally fire, these are the short nail looks we need this summer.

Negative Daisies

 to be a geometric design. Start with a clear base coat. Using a thin brush, apply one yellow dot to each nail in a sporadic fashion. Clean off your brush and use it to paint white petals. Finish with a topcoat.

Minimal Watermelon

This minimal watermelon design used shades from Jin Soon's Painted Ladies Collection. Paint each finger in the green Keppel shade, but only paint your ring finger at the half moon. Fill the rest of it with the red-orange Sinopia polish. Let dry, then finish with a clear coat.

Nail Foil + Tape

For subtle texture and sheen, try this neutral yet metallic look. Start with a nude base coat. When tacky, place strips of alternating nail tape and foil to the arrangement of your choice. Seal it with a clear topcoat.

Black + Gold

For a luxe nail, try this high-shine look from celebrity manicurist Karen Gutierrez. Start with a black base, then add parallel lines of gold nail tape just below your tips. Seal it with a clear top coat.

Glittery French Tip

A french tip is not just for long nails. Update the style with a swipe of clear glitter polish, topped off with a topcoat.

Fiery Tips

Start with a black base coat. Create the swirling tips of the fire first in a bright orangey red near your cuticles. Apply a yellow polish at your tips and blend upward for a hand-painted ombre effect.

Cartoon Faces

Character face designs actually look better on short nails. Paint your nail with the color of the character's face—like yellow for Winnie the Pooh—then add details with a small paint brush.

Summery Design

Try a summery design with a combination of lemons and your favorite tropical house plant (aka split leaf philodendron). Start with a white base coat, then add your design. Outline the shapes in black with a thin brush to add definition. Finish it off with a clear top coat.

Candy Stripes

Alternate between bubblegum pink and white for a striped look that will match your beach towel.

Psychedelic Water Marbling

If you're a fan of marbled nails, try this neon version for summer. Start with a white base to make the colors pop.. And always make sure your water is room temperature, and finish it with a clear top coat.

Asymmetric Half Moons

Think of this as a skewed half-moon design. First apply the asymmetric semi-circle in a pastel lavender. Fill the rest of the nail in a deep umber. This artist used Formua X shades in Decadent and Heart Stopping.

Thin Stripes

If you have a steady hand, this thin line work is for you. We suggest doing it one color at a time using a thin brush. This way the width of each stroke will stay consistent (and you won't have to juggle multiple tools).

3D Embellishments

If you thought 3D nail embellishments were reserved for long nails, think again. Add as many jewels, drops and pearls as you feel, similar to this look here.

Lots of Love!!!