Coloressence HD Sparkle- Gold: Review & Swatches

Here comes the last review from my Coloressence haul, Coloressence HD Sparkle in Gold. Perfect for the occasion, it is a gold sparkly highlighter dust/ eye shadow glitter. One product serving two purposes, what else do we need, isn't it girls!

 According to the brand,

Party all night long without a care in the world with this ‘HD Sparkle – Gold’ from Coloressence. Offering good coverage, this long-lasting highlighter will not only enhance your skin tone, but will also lend it a radiant glow that will captivate many a fleeting glance.

Shimmer pigments with light reflecting particles that can be applied directly to the skin or combined with other products to give a sparkly effect on eyes, face and lips. Creates a glamorous look and an effect that lasts long.


Not mentioned

Cost Rs. 475 for 5 grams

As compared to other brands, quantity is not bad for the price. 


Gold with noticeable golden shimmer in it. There are other shades available in it as well like bronze, pink, white and so on. You can choose your own highlighter.


You can use your finger tips or brush to apply the highlighter. It is better to use brush to avoid product wastage. Apply a little petroleum jelly for dewy effect. If you want to use it as body shimmer, mix it with a little moisturizer before applying.


  • Easy to use
  • Travel friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple usage
  • Long lasting shimmer effect
  • Noticeable gold particles


  • May cause product wastage
  • No mention of ingredients or any other information

 I am all set for my New Year's razzle dazzle makeup look. Get one for yourself for that glittery effect!

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