Things to Do If You Are Awake At Midnight

The clock is ticking towards morning hour but you still haven’t bothered to turn towards sleep town. It happens to me all the time when I m unable to sleep thinking about why I m unable to sleep. I bet there are a lot of sleep ridden people out there just like me. 

All the night owls or insomniacs, if you are bored while staying awake at midnight why not utilize those extra hour for doing things you couldn’t do during day hours.

Read your favorite book

Reading is fun and if you are a mad reader like me, it can be great when you cannot sleep during night. Pick an interesting book and keep on reading.

Listen to your favorite song

Music, thy blissful pleasure. Put on the headphones and click on the play button. You can even show some dance moves while listening to music.

Cook-up delicacies

Click on a food channel and try something new like a snack, a nice drink or just binge in the refrigerator.

Rearrange your room

Add a personal touch to your room by rearranging it a little bit during those extra hours you are blessed with.

Arrange your closet

Does your wardrobe look like a hurricane passed through there? Pull up your sleeves and start arranging it. At least make it look good for a couple of hours.

Look through old pictures

Nothing can be great as looking into the old memories. Take out that album book or pictures in your laptop and dive into the memory lane. You will be surprised how fun it is.

Make a bucket list of things you want to do

A little paper, a scissor, some pins, few colorful pens and some glitters can make that bucket list much more exciting.

What do you do if you are awake at midnight?

Lots of Love!!!


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