If you think you’ve mastered the fishtail braid trend, think (or braid your hair) again. It’s time to take your hair weaving skills to next level with these cool and chic new ways to style your gorgeous plaits.

Add Color

What better way to brighten up your braids than with bold-colored hair? Pick any color from the rainbow, go as loud or as subtle as you like, and unleash the inner animated character in you. The cool colors will enhance each twist and weave that you make on your braids.

Add Yarn

If coloring your entire mane is too drastic for you, add pops of color to your plaits by weaving yarn into your locks. To achieve the look, tie a simple square knot in the yarn around the hair. Technically, you are just adding yard extensions to your hair. Once you’ve attached all the yarn, braid away.

Embellish Your Braids

Instantly give your fishtail braid a makeover by embellishing it with hair accessories. Add a floral clip, bejeweled hairband, or printed hair wraps to complement your playful yet feminine hairstyle.

Pull Your Hair Up

Fishtail braids create elegant updos as well. Simply wrap your braid around your head like a helmet. Secure with bobby pins as you coil it so it stays in place.

Leave It On the Side

For a casual and relaxed look, just let your fishtail braid hang loosely on your shoulder. It’s such a versatile look that you can wear it from day to night.

Lots of Love!!!