Rainbow Nail Design With A Dark Twist: DIY

I wear black a lot. Nothing wrong with that because it's my favorite color! I used to wear black so much that people would comment about it all the time. A few years ago, I had a part-time job at a department store where they had a strict dress-code: only wear black. You would think this would have been amazing for me, but surprisingly, it wasn't. My inner rebel came out, and I had this sudden urge to wear brighter clothes. When I mean brighter, I mean neutral-toned clothes. Let's be real: I can't just jump from wearing black to yellow. There needs to be a transition for me.

Although my wardrobe is now a little bit more colorful with neutral-toned clothes, I still am not entirely comfortable wearing super bright clothes or accessories. This is quite apparent, especially when you look at my fingernails. They usually are not painted, but if they are, it's a neutral shade. Typical, I know! I did paint my nails green once, but it was way too bright for me. If you're like me and struggle with rocking brightly-colored nail polish, then you will love this. This DIY nail video is so great because it's the best of both worlds: the bright and dark side! I love it!  

Few More Rainbow Nail Art ideas

This is so fun and funky! It's also so unique and it looks pretty fun to recreate. I know what I'm doing tonight! 
I adore this nail art design! What about you? Comment to let us know what you think! 
Main Image via YouTube / cutepolish