Kale is a nutrient-powerhouse rich in vitamins and minerals you need for a body that is strong and beautiful from the inside out. These leafy greens have the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A and C which all promote healthy cell growth, helping you achieve gorgeous skin, hair and nails. 

Additionally, kale also contains copper which boosts collagen-production for firmer skin and stronger nails. Ready to indulge in this superfood? Here are ways to enjoy the benefits of kale.


To get the maximum benefits of kale, eat it raw. A delicious way to enjoy raw kale is by adding it to a refreshing smoothie. Simply toss some kale into a blender, along with fresh pineapple and orange juice. A great thing about smoothies is there’s a lot of room for creativity. Go ahead and customize your smoothie by adding the fruits you like.


Aside from smoothies, you can add kale to your cold-pressed juices. Juicing allows for maximum nutrition and quick absorption. Next time you juice, add kale to your cucumber, parsley, romaine, collard greens, ginger and lemon mixture for a healthy and tasty snack. If you want a sweeter juice, add beets or a green apple.


If you want to snack on something crunchy, make some healthy kale chips. Tear the kale leaves off their stems and rip them into large pieces (they tend to shrink when cooked). Toss the leaves in a little bit of hemp or olive oil, salt and any herbs you like. Place the seasoned kale in a dehydrator or in an oven that is set to the lowest temperature and with its door slightly cracked open. Dehydrate or bake the kale until crisp.


Since they’re leafy greens after all, add kale to any of your salad recipes. Simply tear off some leaves and mix them with your other veggies. Lightly dress with vinaigrette for a light and delicious meal.

Lots of Love!!!