18 Bright And Bold Color-Block Designs... For Your Nails!

Color blocking is such a popular trend right now, especially with so many designers drawing inspiration from the '70s in their spring and summer designs. Color block is popping up everywhere—even in nail art! It's such a great trend, because there are so many different ways you can rock it! You can wear a full set of color-blocked nails, or a simple color-block accent nail on each hand. The possibilities are endless, so get creative! Here are 18 color-block designs to inspire your own funky nail art.

1. Color blocking with negative space is a unique twist on the color-block trend!

via Instagram / @monynailart

2. The colors in this design are so eye-catching!

via Instagram / @chaunpnails

3. I'm practically drooling over this tribal color block.

via Instagram / @monynailart

4. Striping tape is perfect for creating clean lines.

via Instagram / @regina_arg

5. Use a matte top coat for a cute twist.

via Instagram / @polish_by_pam

6. Instead of color blocking, try glitter blocking!

via tumblr / nailpornography 

7. The silver striping tape makes this design look so elegant!

via tumblr / lovelyfashions 

8. A steady hand is required for this intricate design!

via tumblr / sinking-underwater

9. This design is cute, but it's tame enough to wear every day!

via tumblr / polishisthenewblack 

10. This sparkly look is perfect for a summer wedding!

via Instagram / @mymaynails 

11. Add studs to give a minimalist look some glam!

via tumblr / natashadangelo 

12. I love the palm tree nail art—perfect for summer!

13. This color block is bold without a crazy design.

via Instagram / @nailartbysig 

14. This one is so summery and perfect!

via Instagram / @constantlypolished 

15. I am in LOVE with is tribal-inspired color block.

via Instagram / @monynailart 

16. Color block doesn't always have to be funky shapes—this design is just as rad.

via Instagram / @nailartbank

17. Forget black and white lines, this glitter outline is too cute!

via Instagram / @magicallypolished 

18. Instead of outlining your colors, use negative space!

via Instagram / @monynailart 

Hope you liked them all!

Lots of Love!!!