7 Style Tips on How to Wear Colored Tights for Indian woman

We all have worn tights in school under skirts, but wearing them as a style statement, is not something tried by everyone. Black tights are still considered by most but with the start of the new fashion season, it is time to take your style quotient to the next level. 

Not just for winters, with right material, you can wear tights in every season. It all about layering them right and being comfortable. Here are some fabulous style tips for making you fall in love with tights, again.

Add contrast

If your outfit or dress is looking too bland, add contrast to it with colourful tights.

Let the colors pop

Wearing something monochrome or simple? Add colourful pop with bright colored tights.

Prints are better

Not just colourful, but you can wear printed tights too in any season.

Get into festive mood

Getting ready for club or party with friends? Try on shimmery tights or the one with glitter studs on them.

Go subtle with casuals

Do not want to attract too much attention to your denim shorts and skirts in winters? Play it up with black or dark colored tights.

Break fashion rules in style

If you have become bored of regular blues, greens, browns and blacks, try out tights in quirky colors.

Add length to your height with same colored bottoms and tights

Are you vertically challenged like me? How about creating an illusion with same colored tights and shorts/ skirts? The combination of solid color and sheer is perfect!

Hope you will try all these ideas of wearing colored tights. If you have your own style, share it with me!

Lots of Love!!!