Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion with SPF 50: Review & swatches

Summers are here and so is the need to either hide from the sun or use a strong protection. I am one of the girls who can easily get tanned very badly even with 5 minutes of sun exposure. I bet there are many out there. All I do at the beginning of the Summer season is to look for a perfect sun screen or sun protection lotion/ cream/ gel which can help me stay untanned. In search of this perfect sunscreen, I stumbled upon Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion with SPF 50

I have a very sensitive skin with fair complexion which makes it more or less difficult for me to try various skin care products. Usually end up with rashes, breakouts and blisters due to different products. I wanted to try out this one to save myself from getting all tanned up. 

 Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion with SPF 50 is a herbal product which makes it good for skin. I have been trying it for a month now ( which is a time I generally use a product before reviewing it.)


It is comes in a cylindrical semi transparent plastic bottle with green cap. The outer packing is of standard box with product details. You can also see details about other skin care products by Biotique the packaging makes it rather difficult to use the product with ease or carry it around in your bag unless until you are the girl with big tote bag.

What I also loved about the product is that they contribute towards Children education. It is also NOT TESTED on ANIMALS and the bottle used can also be recycled. Your skin is happy, animals are happy, Mother Nature is happy, so everyone is happy. 

I generally try to shop products from brands that have a sense of social contribution along with increasing their sales. Hopefully you also do that!


Shwetachandan oil, Wintercherry Root, Nagkesar Flower Bud, Ankurit Gehun Oil, Madhu, Rakt Chandan Stem, Lodhra Bark, Arjun Bark, Bees Wax, Sunflower Oil, Purified Water. 


Cost is Rs. 350 for 120ml or 4.06 fl. oz. 

I bought it during a discount season on Biotique so had to pay only Rs. 209 for the bottle. You can also buy it in different sizes as well with 50ml being the smallest. 

100% Organic Ayurvedic Skin Care

All the organic product lovers, Biotique is must for you. It is Ayurvedic, organic and free from artificial chemical based contents. Time for Happy Skin!

Sun Protection Factor

Being SPF 50+ sunscreen, this is one of the best sun protection lotions I have tried. Yes, I have step out in the sun a lot, most of the time without any umbrella. It does not make you fair but can protect from unnecessary sun exposure. 

Texture & Application

 Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion with SPF 50 is a little tinted with soft pinkish tint. It is smooth to apply and gets absorbed pretty quickly leaving my skin smooth and moisturized. It lasts for about 8-9 hours on the skin. I have normal skin, but I do wash my hands several times a day.

Girls with dry skin might need to reapply the sunscreen. However, I will advise you to reapply sunscreen every few hours while stepping out in sun. 

I will suggest not to use on face since it made my skin break out badly. I stopped using it in the first week itself on face, but still use it as body lotion. 


  • Of course, the herbal ingredients.
  • Never tanned me!
  • It claims that it suits all skin types and “very water resistant”!
  • Moisturizing + sun protection.
  • No greasy or oily feeling upon application.
  • Very light on skin.
  • Has a mild sandalwood fragrance which wouldn’t bother people with a sensitive nose.
  • No parabens, no animal testing.


  • The packaging.  All Biotique products have such sad and difficult packaging. When I am in a hurry, I can’t wait till I screw open the cap and apply and close it. 
  • The fragrance might be a little too strong for some people. 
  • Not meant for facial skin. It made my facial skin break out. 

Hope you loved the review. Which Sunscreen product you are using this summer?

Lots of Love!!!