The Painful affair: Tips to make heels less painful

From pencil skirts in office to sarees in weddings, a pair of gorgeous heels can make every look stylish and glamorous. Yes, they are painful but sometimes it is worth it when you get numerous compliments. A dialogue from movie, Monte Carlo defines the heels perfectly, “If they aren’t hurting, they aren’t helping”.

A pair of heels is something you cannot live without even after all the pain. You might swear for not wearing them again seeing those swollen toes and painful ankles but you will. Why not make it less painful. Here is how you can do it,

Get the pitch right

The slant of the shoe is known as pitch and it can take away half of your pain, if you chose the right pair of heels. Go with the smooth slants or pitch instead of the steeper ones. You can also choose the heel where the toe is a bit elevated, making the pitch less steep. And you thought choosing a heel is so easy!

Walk walk fashion baby

Walking properly can also help in reducing the caused by heels. Avoid slouching or putting too much pressure on your heels. Walk straight, keeping your back, knees and heels aligned. Move your entire leg in a smooth motion with a hop in the walk.

Pamper your toe

Do you suffer from painfully clubbed toe at the end of the day due to heels? Skip the pointy toe stilettos and go with the smooth round tip or almond tip toe box while choosing the heel. You can try them while buying to check if your entire toe area fits in the heel toe box or not.

Save your feet with insoles

If you have to walk a lot wearing heels, insoles can save you from a lot of pain. You can buy them from the drugstores. Along with this, you can just take off your heels while sitting and give your feet a pampering massage for a minute or two applying pressure on ankle. It will reduce the pressure and alleviate the pain.

Skip the cheap

We always feel tempted to buy those roadside cheap colourful heels. When the budget is tight and you need a new pair, they seem good fit, but cheap heels can be painful as hell. They are not flexible, soft or in right shape, putting too much pressure on your ankles and heel. You might have few but always invest in a good pair of heels by reputed brand.

Do tell me how it worked for you or if you have any secret tricks!

Lots of Love!!!