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16 Perfectly Pretty Polka Dot Manicures For Your Inner Girly Girl

Polka dots are one of my go-to nail designs because they're so simple to do. All you need is a toothpick or a design brush, and you can easily create perfect polka dots! The best part is that polka dots work well with practically everything—you can combine them with florals, fruits, anchors and so much more. Here are 16 dotty nail designs to inspire your own pretty polka dots!

1. Flowers and polka dots go hand in hand.

via Instagram / @georginasnailsandstuff 

2. Gradient and polka dots make a great combo!

via Instagram / @nailsbysarii

3. A few strategically placed dots can make a big impact.

via Instagram / @marianailedit 

4. This polka dot pattern really makes a statement.

via Instagram / @missstephaluffagus 

5. Give your polka dots some glam by using sequins!

via Instagram / @inventivenails 

6. I am in love with this design!

via Instagram / @chantalc626 

7. These polka dot ice cream nails are perfect for wrapping up the summer.

via Instagram / @stephyclaws

8. These nautical nails are so cute!

via Instagram / @mirynailart 

9. These gradient polka dot nails are ridiculously cute.

via Instagram / @jdecali 

10. These UP-inspired nails are absolutely perfect!

via Instagram / @groovygroovynails

11. Polka dot tips are a cool twist on a classic French manicure.

via Instagram / @jenluvspolish 

12. This polka dot accent nail is adorable!

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13. Chevrons and polka dots—I'm in love!

via Instagram / @sluenidoesnails 

14. Pineapples and polka dots make for an awesome design.

via Instagram / @raptornails 

15. Another super cute gradient nail!

via The Nail Polish Challenge 

16. This black and grey mani is perfect for every day.

via tumblr / nailpornography

Lots of Love!!!