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16 Fabulously Festive Nail Designs To Rock On Your Birthday

When your birthday rolls around, it's the perfect excuse to get a little wild with your nail art! Whether you want to make your nails a festive celebration of your day of birth or bling them up for your birthday night on the town, there are no limits for birthday nails! Personally, I love to make my nails as bling-tastic as humanly possible around my birthday time—but I am loving some of these more traditional designs. Here are 16 festive designs to rock on your birthday!

1. These simple birthday nails are so cute!

via Instagram / @naileditnz

2. Here's the other hand.

via Instagram / @naileditnz

3. Who wouldn't want a little confetti on their bday?

via Tumblr / victoria nails 

4. Incorporating the calendar date is such a fun idea!

via Instagram / @ktduong0910

5. I'm loving the confetti base coat in this design! And Baymax is such a cute addition.

via Instagram / @hannah_nails_it

6. Even your nails will be wishing you a "happy birthday" with this design.

via tumblr / nailpornography

7. The nude color gives these birthday nails a minimalist look.

via Instagram / @polishityourself

8. The blue base coat makes these nails pop!

via Instagram / @manders_nails

9. These nails are balloon-tastic!

via Tumblr / haaveedee

10. I'm loving the baby blue base coat for this design.

via Instagram / @lsna_05

11. This design incorporates everyone's favorite birthday items: balloons, presents, and cake!

via Instagram / @nailstudiocolonia

12. You can dream about your sweet birthday treats all week with this design.

via Instagram / @naailsbyjulia

13. Birthdays are also an excuse to go full-on glam with your nails!

via Instagram / @linda_lopez1

14. Here's another awesome bling design.

via Instagram / @nailsbydani_

15. This baby pink design is so cute!

via Instagram / @buffandtweeze

16. I love that this design includes a champagne toast!

via tumblr / iscreamnails

Lots of Love!!!


  1. I really like this nail design and I also got the idea for an interesting nail art :)


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