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16 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Short Girls

Life is a tall task. Being a short girl means double the effort for half the reward. Even the most basic tasks require more work than they're sometimes worth. But asking for help would only mean admitting tall girls are better. So instead, short girls try to make the best of a tough situation, which usually involves standing on countertops, climbing up shelving units, and a lot of jumping. So if any the previous struggles apply to you, read on, because I'm sure you'll have no problem relating to the rest of them.

1. Considering all the cooking that gets done in a day, short girls must stay fit

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2. When you have to jog just to keep up

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3. When you can only really shop at three stores

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4. When shirts aren't any easier to find

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5. When laundry takes twice the effort for half the volume of clothes

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6. When you're so short your feet don't touch the ground

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7. When your boyfriend has to crouch over to kiss you

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8. When shopping for groceries alone and the stuff you need is on the third shelf

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9. When your friends don't take you seriously

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10. When everyone feels the need to use you as an armrest

11. When you always have to stand at the front

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12. When you're too short to stand in the shallow end

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13. When your life consists of staring at chests

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14. When you have to jump to put on makeup

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15. When your chest needs to touch the wheel for you to reach the pedals

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16. When you can't have tall friends 

What problems do you face for being a short girl? Do you know any short girl? Share this with them!

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  1. So true!! I can relate easily.

  2. So true i can totally relate to the post lol, great post


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