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16 Perfectly Polished Manis Fit For A Black Tie Affair

'Tis the season for formal events! They're all about schmoozing with bosses and co-workers, impressing strangers with your amazing outfit, and outdoing everyone else in the room with your incredible nails! Now, not just any nail design will do for a special occasion. You need something fancy. Impressive. Glamorous. And I have just the list for you. Here are 16 perfect nail designs for that formal event on your calendar!

1. Touch of Red

Adding a swipe of red to a formal polish makes your hands pop!
via Instagram / @miss_thangg_ 

2. Combination!

The combination of matte and glossy polishes makes these nails very impressive!
via Instagram / @starrylisa

3. Royally Blue

This color perfectly captures the essence of royalty!
via Instagram / @nailedbylarouge

4. Crackle, Crackle

A hint of silver leafing makes these nails pop!
via Instagram / @juliskasnails

5. Sparkle!

Gold sparkles enhance this tuxedo look!
via Instagram / @agirldrumr

6. Plenty of Gold

All the different pops of gold really bring these nails to life.
via Instagram / @nailsbyadriana__

7. Stripey!

Look better than a zebra with these black and clear striped nails!
via Instagram / @queennailsnj

8. 007?

Bring out your inner James Bond with these tuxedo nails! Check out some other tuxedo nails on the next page!
via Instagram / @shynails

9. Christmas Bond?

If you're attending a Christmas party, bring Bond along!
via Instagram / @salisbury_salon_spa

10. Trimming

The fancy trimming on these nails is sure to up your fancy game.
via Instagram / @na1lsbyt

11. Subtly Fancy

Add a simple touch of fancy and you'll be feeling formally wonderful all night!
via Instagram / @ohmygoshpolish

12. Santa Baby?

Maybe! Even if it's not Christmas, these nails are wonderfully classy!
via Instagram /

13. Half and Half

The black polish really makes the gold pop!
via Instagram /

14. Just Paint the Tip

Tipped in black and white, these nails are classy and sassy!
via Instagram / @kater_tater1

15. X Marks the Spot

Accents are key for this formal look!
via Instagram / @prestige_nails_

16. Leaves!

Tiny leaves are the perfect accent for these classy white and nude nails!
via Instagram /

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  1. loving the navy blue with silver design have a great day


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