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16 Gorgeous Lip Art Looks You'll Want To Try Yourself

Whoever said makeup can't be modern art should get their head checked and lay their eyes on these designs that are stylish masterpieces in their own right. Get your lips to look runway ready with these incredible artistic colour combination that will leave people speechless. Prepare to let your inner diva run wild while you use your lips like a canvas so you can wear a hot design wherever your day takes you.

Whether you're looking to take your lips from "not" to "hot" or you are just looking to put some stars in your in your eyes with some dazzling designs, look no further.

1. Write your own bad romance with lips

via Instagram / @missjazminad

You'll definitely catch your crush's attention or ignite your partner's passion with these lavishly glam lips. Although this design is definitely intricate, once they are complete, sit back and see the looks you get.

2. If looks could kill, call yourself the Vampire Slayer

via Instagram / @lipstickittty

You would drive the vampires from True Blood wild with lips like this. The way the scarlet shade of red dances over top of this turquoise hue will definitely help you catch some looks wherever your day takes you.

3. Tiny Poison Dart Frog Inspo

via Instagram / @reallashmua

These luscious shades of purple and blue seamlessly blend together to make this sleek pattern. The colors here would turn any glamazon into the queen of the rain forest in no time.

4. Floral laser cutouts

via Instagram / @sarahmcgbeauty

The precision and symmetry on this lip design is so precise and colorful that it's almost impossible to take your eyes off it. The way the pink, orange, yellow, and green melt together behind the steel blue framework make these lips radiate like a rainbow.

5. Reinvent your lips as modern art

via Instagram / @reallashmua

The metallic shade of these lips almost looks like the vapor trail gliding off the tail of a comet. It'll make your look sparkle. If you want to wear lips that shine like your star sign, you just hit the jackpot.

6. Feel the love

via Instagram / @reallashmua

Make every day the perfect day to say, "I love you," without having to say anything at all. This glowing shade of red covered in sparkles will have your lips looking like they taste like candy.

7. Rose designs

via Instagram / @dollarladyclub

These lips look like they belong in the Garden of Eden. Lips like these would make any bride blush and they look detailed enough to be tattoo artwork. You wouldn't want to kiss anyone so you didn't spoil this sensational pattern.

8. Black studded kiss

via Instagram / @missjazminad

This sassy design is stylish enough for you to let your inner bad girl run wild and tasteful enough to be chic beyond belief. The studs are super rock 'n' roll while still being refined enough to have you looking like a dancer in a Lady Gaga video.

9. Textured lips

via Instgram / @cosmetics_lipstick_delighted

You won't have to buy a ticket to the movies see this 3-D show. The ultimate way to make these lips level up your look would be to get the color of your lips to match your dress and the texture to match your heels.

10. Electric kiss

via Instagram / @sarahmcgbeauty
These neon lips will electrify any noir outfit and will totally ensure that you'll make sparks fly all night long.

11. Ruby red lips as a tribute to Salvador Dali

via Instagram / @vladamua
The way the color palette from this model's ring is replicated on her lips creates a creative sense of contrast without looking tacky. This twenty-first century design is inspired by the legendary artist Salvador Dali and would definitely make him proud.

12. So hot someone might melt

via Instagram / @sarahmcgbeauty
The color palette here has these lips looking hot enough to make anyone start to melt. It's like they're under the summer sun. That dripping shade of purple makes these lips look like they're exploding with style and flavor.

13. Sometimes, the most simple colors can say the most

via Instagram / @vladamua
Let your lips do the talking before you start to speak and you'll sweep people off their feet as they watch you make your look work for you. The killer cross-fade here is hot beyond belief, and it shows that you know how to turn colors that have been done before into something new.

14. Don't tame your wild side

via Instagram / @april_christinaa

The design here almost looks it was inspired by ancient Inca art patterns. It's pumped up with a color scheme to accentuate the curves of your lips perfectly. Make that outline of ocean blue work for you as it melts into that shade of aqua.

15. Top the charts with this colorful design

via Instagram / @sarahmcgbeauty

The striking neon pattern here looks like it came straight off an MGMT album cover! This would be the perfect look for a summer music festival — you'll dance through the sunshine as people wonder when you'll be on stage.

16. Rule the runway, don't just walk on it!

via DeviantArt / Ryo-Says-Meow
This alluring and chic design is glam enough to make any diva jealous while you watch haters look at themselves in the pieces of glass in this pattern. This design will help you own the red carpet instead of just glide through it.

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