The naked manicure: Hot trend of the season

Since the Spring-Summer fashion season of 2015, buff shades have been quite in trend. From celebrities like Taylor Swift to the college-going girls, everyone has tried their hands on the hot and on negative manicure and buff nails manicure throughout the year. Among reds and pinks, buff shades and negative mani has come up as a refreshing nail trend for the season. Keeping this trend alive and setting tone for 2016 Spring Summer fashion season The Naked Manicure is all set to razzle-dazzle you but delicately.

Healthy nails are in!

Under several layers of nail polishes and embellishments of nail art, healthy nails were ignored for a long time. With The Naked Manicure, it is time to bring them out and show off your healthy, shiny glowing nails. Zoya Polishes, a popular international brand has also launched an entire range named as Naked Manicure for popularizing the healthy nails trend among youngsters.

How to get Naked Manicure?

Getting naked manicure look is pretty easy, given you are ready to work for it. Some basic steps for having healthy happy nails for the popular naked manicure look,

- Eat right: Try to have a balanced diet including fresh vegetables, curds, fruits and other milk products. Your nails speak about your health a lot hence eating right is essential.

- Keep them clean: Having long nails is good but keeping them clean is very important. Wash your hands several times a day.

- Moisturize them: Use good quality hand and nail moisturizer to moisturize your nails.

- Drink lots of water: Well-hydrated skin and hydrated nails have a natural shine, which makes them look better.

- Regular manicure: Get a manicure once a month at least, maintaining a proper shape, cuticle health and healthy nail bed.

- Zinc supplements: In case you do not have enough zinc in your diet, try zinc supplements. They are essential for strong healthy nails.

Choose the right color

Although several buff or naked colors are available with brands, you should select them as per your skin tone. Colorbar, Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline, Faces, OPI and Zoya have some gorgeous buff colors. You can try them for gorgeous naked manicure. Do try them with a twist of creativity, including naked nails with nail art like Negative mani or a dash of sparkle on accent nail.

I hope you liked these ideas. Do share your views on this with me!

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