Tha Grandstand Review | Our Valentine's Day Date

I know it is a bit late to post about our Valentine's day date, but I really wanted to review this restaurant/ sports bar/ hangout place. Located in Palm Island mall, which is one is the quietest and empty malls I have seen, this is a pretty happening place to be at. It has a vibe of a sports bar, but quite family-friendly. On Valentine's Day, they had a special DJ event so there was an entry fee, otherwise, it is open for all, I think so. Let's begin with the review!


When you enter this restaurant or cafe bar, you will get a feel of entering into a club. Although the lighting is a bit dark, it adds to the privacy of couples and people who want to have a great time with their friends without giving or getting attention from others sitting there seek. Music was a bit boring I will say, I don't know what special DJ activity was this. It had the worst ever collection of songs. I have a better playlist than what they were playing over there. However, it was okay!

There were gaming tables and private rooms, but I suppose it has an additional charge. 


Service was pretty swift even during the busy lunch hour. We ordered a couple of things including stuffed garlic bread, biryani with raita and drinks. The quantity was a pretty good per plate and enough for two people. The moment we entered, we were shown the table and attended by the serving staff immediately. Even the time taken between the order placement and the serving was pretty low. From the welcome drinks to starters and the main course, everything was quite swift. The only flaw in the service was that either they forgot to serve us or forgot the serving spoons. We had to open the hot hand biryani ourselves which was sealed with dough. And mind you, it is not easy when the handi was piping hot!


There was an entry fee of Rs. 500 which included two welcoming drinks, with a choice of beer or mocktails. there was a special menu for this day so very limited items were there. We could not find anything interesting other than the biryani and the stuffed garlic bread. There were only 2-3 desserts which I think a bad idea for the menu as we all love to have an assortment of dessert while choosing. So, we skipped the dessert and went to another place for having it.


The food was pretty delicious and served beautifully. I enjoyed the drinks which were mosambi juice with club soda and few spices. The stuffed garlic bread was huge chunks of bread loaf, hollowed and stuffed with creamy mushroom filling and topped with cheese and herbs. I really loved it. It was so filling! Also, the handi biryani was great too.

I hope you loved this review. If you have already been to this place, do share your views with me.

Lots of Love!!!