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If you crave delicious street food in Jammu, there are several places to try but if you are looking for somewhere offering delicious food at a budget price, I have one place for you. After moving here to Jammu, I have been discovering new places to death with my husband and being foodie we pretty much visit any place. All it has to have is good food. So, while discovering some eateries, we found this little hole in the wall eatery called Bombay Special Pav Bhaji locate in Main Market, Trikuta Nagar. Here is my review!


This is a pretty small place where not more than 20 people can sit together. What you are seeing in the picture is pretty much it. It is slightly warm inside due to the cooking area but it was okay! This place okay in terms of cleanliness too. However, it seems fine to sit and eat. This is due to the old decoration which needs to be updated...


The service is pretty fast and the staff is super friendly. We went there twice, once alone and once with the family. If you want to have any changes in any food items, they are happy to do that for you. We all loved the service offered over there.


Food was mind-blowing! Trust me! Even though it was super cheap they didn't compromise with the quality. We ordered Afghani champ, Malai tikka paneer, pav bhaji, and kaladi kulcha. And we also got 2 plates of dhokla chaat from the nearby corner chat shop. All the items were served nicely, while they were piping hot and with great presentation. What we loved was the Malai Tikka paneer served with a cream based salad and peanuts sprinkled all over it. You can request them for this dish as it is a new item and it is not a permanent part of their cuisine. If you want, you can request this by showing the picture from our blog.

Kaladi Kulcha
Afghani champ

Dhokla Chaat

Malai Paneer Tikka

Pav Bhaji

The best part was the food and the service of this place. People were super friendly and accommodated with our needs. If you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends, you can visit this place. It was super cheap, our bill was not more than Rs. 500 including mineral water bottles.

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Lots of Love!!!