Miniso Pittura Nail Polishes | Swatch & Review

I love collecting nail polishes from different brands in the urge to have almost all the shades there are under the sky with nail polish brands. After trying out the water-based peel-off nail polishes from Miniso Brand, I grabbed these new nail polishes from their store on my last visit to Delhi. they didn't have many shades available in the store. Apparently, the same issue happened while I was looking for the peel-off nail polishes in other shades. I don't know why they do that! Let's start with the review!

According to Miniso

Miniso Pittura is a creme nail polish that chip-resistant, long-lasting, quick-drying and gives a smooth finish. This is free from harmful chemicals and safe for nails!

Rs. 90 for 9ml

Shades I got!


This is a transparent nail polish which works as a fabulous base and topcoat. It glides smoothly, however I find that on some nail polishes it makes them bleed. Especially when you use it as a topcoat for your nail art, this tends to make them bleed a lot. This stays on nails for a good 7 days!

Ivory Glitter

I am in love with this shade. It is so beautiful and soft with subtle holographic white glitters. You will need about 3 coats of this nail polish to get that perfect shade on your nails. I really like it. It stays on the nails for a good 5-6 days without top coat. 

Silver Glitter

Last time I got the glitter nail polish in a water-based peel-off range of Miniso and it was amazing. But this one is not that good. The nail polish contains a lot of glitters but on the application, you get very few on your nails. It can work as a good topcoat for dark nail polishes but it is not at all good for just glitters. 

Sky Blue

This Sky Blue nail polish is one of the best one from Miniso Pittura. It has a smooth finish and gives a creme polish look to your nails. The color is pigmented and gives a nice shade in just about 2 coats, I really love it. It stays on for 4 days without topcoat. 


Another lovely shade from this range. Purple is a gorgeous vibrant shade that looks smooth and creamy on your nails. It also stays on for 4 days at least without any topcoat.

You can also check out the video review of these nail polishes here on my YouTube Channel!


  • Pigmented shades are very creamy and smooth
  • Lasting is pretty good
  • Quantity for this price is really commendable with quality.
  • Easily available online as well as in Miniso stores.
  • The applicator is really nice.
  • Requires not more than 2 coats for most shades.


  • Not all glitter shades are good
  • Transparent nail polish can bleed your nail polishes especially for nail art

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