Why Lip Tints Are better than other lip colors?

With Korean beauty getting popular all around the world, we are exposed to some new kind of beauty products. From some of the freakiest cosmetics and beauty products like eyebrow stencils to some of the most useful ones like compact foundations and blush, there are some of my favourites. And today I want to talk to about my current favourite - Lip Tints.

Korean beauty is all about being natural as much as possible so from nudish lipsticks to natural look makeup. Hence, they opt for lip colours that are super lightweight and gives out a natural impression of tint hence lip tint. So if you are wondering how lip tints are better than lipsticks and glosses, we are here to help you!

Super lightweight

This is something I really like about lip tints. They are very watery and super lightweight. So if you do not like to layer up your lips with too many products, this is the one for you. you can apply it and will not even notice that there is something on the lips.

Amazing Pigmentation

Lip tints are formulated with very high pigmented formula. You will need about 1/4th of the drop or maybe less to colour your lips. Be careful while applying it with the applicator as it can be very dark too. If you are going for that natural bitten look, apply one or two dots on your lips and spread it around using an applicator. Do not apply it like you do with your lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. You will need very little quantity to cover your lips.

Kiss Proof, Non-sticky, Non-drying formula

How many of you love the glossy look but hate it when your hair and other things stick to your lips due to sticky glosses and how the lipsticks, no matter how creamy they tend to make your lips dry and flaky as the day passes by? Well, with lip tints, you can avoid all this. It is watery formula so it is absorbed by your lips completely leaving nothing on the lips except the colour. It is kiss-proof, non-sticky, transfer proof and keeps your lips soft.

My favourite so far is the Etude House lip tints and The Face Shop lip tints. They very gentle on the lips and heavy on the colour, just the way I like. Also, such a wide range of colours are available that you just can't have enough with one of them.

Long lasting

Since the pigmentation is so amazing, and it is transfer proof to a significant level and not 100%, the lip tints can last on your lips for hours. My longest period was 9 hours when it faded into a beautiful tint instead of making my lips look flakey. The tint stays on your lips like a natural shade, which is good for me.

If you are tired of wearing lip glosses and lipsticks, you can try out the lip tints available online in India. They are budget-friendly and easily available these days.

Do share your experience with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!