Trending Nail Art Compilation on YouTube of 2019

I really love to watch nail art compilations. They are interesting to watch and even give so many ideas to try out when you are feeling confused about your next nail art design. So, after almost 5 years of starting this blog, I created a youtube channel where I will be showcasing amazing nail art compilations, skin care tips, fashion tips, products that I love to use and recommend along with a little sneak peek to my everyday life. Since I am new in the world of YouTube, please bear with low quality. I am still learning about video editing tools and software. That's enough about my YouTube Channel!

Here are 5 nail art compilations that are trending these days in 2019!

Nail Art Compilation 1


Nail Art Compilation 2


Nail Art Compilation 3


Nail Art Compilation 4


Nail Art compilation 5


I hope you loved all these YouTube nail art compilations. If you have any suggestions and recommendations regarding videos, do tell me all about it in the comments down below!

Lots of Love!!!