Strawberry Nails Are The Sweetest Summer Nail-Art Trend

You don't need to love strawberries to think they're pretty cute, as far as fruit goes. When fresh, bright red, and perfectly ripe, a strawberry is a thing of summer beauty, to be enjoyed sliced up in a bowl with a spoonful of sugar over top (with whipped cream piled high, if you're feeling especially indulgent), or as a sweet accent on your fingernails.

Like watermelon, the humble strawberry is having a major trending nail-art moment in summer 2019. Whatever your preferred take on the vibe — baby-pink accented with black dots, the classic bright red with a curly green stem, or a fresh take on a glass of strawberry lemonade — there are tons of ways to style a strawberry manicure this season.

Floral nail art feels like the obvious choice given that the baby's breath are in full bloom this time of year, but a tiny strawberry detail is unexpected and just as fresh.

These shockingly realistic-looking strawberries are painted freehand over an otherwise bare nail.

This pink-and-black colorplay will pair perfectly with a basket of fresh-picked, juicy berries for your Instagram feed.

We're calling these squared-off, incredibly detailed acrylic tips "strawberry lemonade."

Another take on a refreshing glass of pink lemonade, this look incorporates a sparkly pinky nail that almost gives the illusion of crystallized ice cubes.

The strawberry accent isn't exclusive to acrylics or gel extensions: Short, clean nails are sporting 'em, too.

Part pink jelly, part strawberry, fully adorable.

NYC's cool girls head to Vanity Projects salon when they're looking for intricate and on-trend nail art designs, like watercolor florals and deep French tips. In the heat of July, fans are loving this look: a cartoon strawberry with a matching polka-dot pattern.

Strawberries with a splash of chilled milk is not only a mouth-watering combo on a humid afternoon, but a fun take on red and crisp white polish on your fingernails.

With a classic glossy red polish on most nails, this strawberries-on-a-vine detail makes an adorable accent. Even better, you can just use strawberry stickers if you don't want to schedule a trip to the salon.

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Lots of Love!!!